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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching
For Career & Life


How Personal Coaching Works

You know who you are. So why is this one decision so hard to make? You feel paralyzed by fear of making the wrong choice and its consequences. Everyone wants to help but well-intentioned advice or tough love is making it worse. Or maybe it feels like no one is truly listening.

It's exactly these situations (and many more) where a personal coach can help you over and through the hurdles. Everyone can benefit from a personal coach. I know I have

Career & Life Challenges

Personal coaching has wide application to many career and life decisions. With each new decade, we often encounter unique challenges, such as:


In YOUR Career

⁃ Whether to look for a new job when your current role has stagnated

⁃ Making the most of your current job and relationships with colleagues

⁃ Recognizing it's time to move on from a career/job but uncertain what to do next


In YOUR Life

⁃ Deciding to move to a new city, figuring out where, and how to make it happen

⁃ Fewer of your friends are still single. Do you want / need a partner and family?

⁃ Your kids are in school or off to college. What's next?

⁃ How to regain your sense of self & prioritize your own needs after a loss or life change

Anne helped me stay focused and on track through stressful life changes. She customized a plan that easily integrated into my life and enabled me to truly accomplish my goals. Her insights, compassion, and integrity continue to amaze me.
— Rebecka S.

Three-Point Plan

Personal coaching is action-oriented and forward-looking. Although every coaching partnership is unique, there are three essential steps to our time together:

1. Identify & clarify your vision about what you want to achieve

2. Recognize potential obstacles in your way, both real and imagined

3. Create & execute an achievable and measurable plan

Power Hour(s)

Coaching sessions run 60–75 minutes via Zoom Video Chat or phone. It's a powerful and personal hour devoted to what you need to move forward. Coaches don't tell you what to do (at least the good ones). I ask questions. I listen closely. I make observations in order to guide you to finding your own answers. There is no judgment, no motive, no BS.

Monthly Session


Recommended three-month commitment provides:

  • Comprehensive questionnaire to kick off first session
  • Three 60-minute sessions per month via Zoom Video Chat or phone
  • Recording of each session upon request
  • Mutually agreed-upon action steps, due each week
  • Unlimited emails in between sessions, with response in 24 hours or less

Single Session


Sometimes you need a single check-in or support to work through a decision or challenge. Single sessions offer:

  • One 60–75 minute session via Zoom Video Chat or phone
  • Recording of the session upon request
  • Mutually agreed-upon action steps

After a sudden layoff, I was consumed with finding a job but getting nowhere. Anne gave me hope — and homework. Having an objective sounding board was exactly what I needed.
— Celeste G.

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