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Frequently Asked Questions 


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand the coaching process and level set expectations.



1. What is personal coaching?

Personal coaching is a partnership focused on getting you unstuck in your career or life. Coaches are objective sounding boards, asking questions, and guiding you toward finding your own answers. Personal coaching is action-oriented, structured time to help you make a decision or achieve a goal, with zero judgment or bias. (Top)

2. How does coaching differ from therapy or mentorship?

Great question. Therapy tends to be more of a look back at your past with the goal of healing. A mentor is usually a more senior colleague on a similar career path. Personal coaching is 100% focused on you and providing a framework to take action in your career and personal life. (Top)

3. What should I look for when choosing a coach?

Chemistry, number one. You're going to spend time together so it's important you click. Do they instill a sense of trust, confidentiality, and professionalism? A good coach is curious ABOUT YOU and asks a lot of questions. As you talk to coaches, look out for whether they appear empathetic to your situation. Are they jumping to conclusions or cutting you off in conversation, or worse yet, talking too much about themselves? Most of all, a good coach is a partner, committed to your success. (Top)

4. What if I don't know what I need help with exactly?

This is more common than you might think. When we feel stuck in one area, it often permeates every other aspect of our life. Coaching requires a commitment to showing up for yourself, being honest, and doing the work. Many of my clients were unsure what to focus on initially, but together we clarified their vision and set out to achieve their goals. (Top)

5. How do I know if my coaching is successful?

Most clients want to see tangible results right away, and we'll get there. From where I sit, successful coaching is measured best by a change in mindset or motivation, or an uptick in confidence. My favorite moments are when I hear the relief in someone's voice when they feel understood. Shortly thereafter, small steps turn into noticeable results. You're starting to get more interviews, or have begun to gather information to make an informed decision, or the feelings of drowning or going in circles are beginning to subside. (Top)

6. How do I know if I'm ready for personal coaching?

You made it this far so congratulate yourself for taking the first, brave step toward getting unstuck. Only you can truthfully answer this question, but I can tell you from experience that my most successful clients all shared one important trait. They were ready to take action. They recognized that their own efforts hadn't worked and they were willing and eager to do the work in partnership with a personal coach. (Top)

7. Are there any clients or challenges you won't take on?

Yes, and no. My door is open to all clients and challenges. However, I will decline a partnership if I don't feel equipped to help you achieve your goal. I will do my best to recommend someone better suited to partner with you if that's the case. (Top)

8. What can I expect when my coaching starts?

You can expect focused time to uncover what's holding you back and honest and confidential conversations. Together, we will form an action plan to remove obstacles and set achievable milestones each week. See How Personal Coaching Works for more. (Top)

9. Have you ever been coached?

Yes. When I felt stuck in my previous career as a recruiter, I sought out a coach. I've returned to that coach as needed throughout my personal and professional life for support and partnership. (Top)

10. Have more questions about personal coaching?

If you answered yes, let's chat. Get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation to find out if personal coaching is a good fit. (Top)